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WE-REACH•RADx is funding a special RADx-RAD COVID-19 Initiative: “Novel Biosensing Technologies for Screening, Diagnosis, and Monitoring of COVID-19 from Skin and the Oral Cavity”. Pre-Apps Due 9/9 by 5:00pm.Learn more →



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Leverage public-private partnerships to support end-to-end Innovations for health impact and access
Accelerate the transformation of novel discoveries into innovative products
Award milestone-driven WE-REACH R&D projects with value-added services
Fuel the formation of sustainable start-up companies
Train the next generation of biomedical entrepreneurs
Serve as a national REACH innovation hub for the Pacific Northwest donation



Our Partners

Partners are founding members or organizations providing funding and support for WE-REACH projects and initiatives.

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Collaborators provide value-add services, educational resources, technical support, project pipelines, and other opportunities to ensure the success of WE-REACH initiatives.

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WE-REACH is supported in part by NIH Grant #1 U01 HL152401-01 and partners.