Awarded Projects:

PI Product Indication Duration Follow-on Secured Pending follow-on
Allan-Chris Wound healing Glove 2-years 8Q
Berger-Stephanie Biologic peptide for Intestinal Bowel Disease Treatment 2-years 8Q 950k WRF
Bly-Randy Portable and Acessible Endosopy 2-years 8Q
Sawyer-Taylor Video Assisted Neonal intubation Mask 2-years 8Q
Van Voorhis-Wesley Small Molecule Drug for Prostate Cancer Treatment 2-years 8Q DoD (750k dc), VA (325k dc)
Lutz-Barry Portable and Rapid Covid-19 Seqeunce Diagnostic Test 1-year 4Q 33M RADx Invited for Add’l Multiplex indication
Chung-Jaehyun Portable and Acessible Covid-19 Antigen Diagnostic Test 1-year 4Q RADx uplift up to 750k
MacKenzie-Devin Covid-19 test from volitile and non-volitile samples 2-year 8Q
Freedman – Beno Novel therapeutic strategy for polycystic kidney disease 2-year 8Q
Ueda – George New class of therapeutic protein-based nanoparticles 2-year 8Q R21 grant (2yrs 275k dc), WRF (1 yr 50k)
Seibel – Eric Novel removal strategy of high adhesion medical tape 1-year 4Q Grant app with NSF for 500k
Miyaoka – Robert MFM-SPECT Scanner STTR pending