WE-REACH Biomedical Innovation Training in Partnership with CoMotion NSF I-Corps is Open to Regional Teams

Learn the steps to move from idea to launch and meet the mentors who can guide you along the way. Online program.

Hosted in partnership with CoMotion’s Regional NSF I-Corps Site Program  participants from Pacific Northwest research institutions learn about customer discovery, FDA regulatory strategy, business models, legal issues, and more.

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Next Session Jun – Jul 2023

Begins June 13, 2023!

Deadline to register is Monday, May 29. Learn more and register >>>


Sessions are held virtually over Zoom. Innovators and mentors from across the Pacific Northwest participate. Descriptions and video recordings from past sessions >>>

The WE-REACH Biomedical Innovation Training is integrated with CoMotion’s NSF I-Corps Site Program.  It is open to academic innovators from the Greater Pacific Northwest Region including Alaska, Idaho, Montana, and Oregon. The approach is designed for academic innovators, whether they are students, staff, or faculty. Each team needs to come with an idea they think has potential for impact. The 6-week program kicks off with a Customer Discovery Challenge where teams interview at least 3 potential customers in one week to learn how they view the team’s innovation. Teams then proceed to Lean Startup and customer discovery training workshops that empower participants to quickly learn where their products fit and who the purchasing decision-makers are. The follow-on WE-REACH training sessions and “All Industry” workshops help teams delve into their competitive landscape, understand regulatory processes, estimate costs and revenues, be alert to legal issues, learn where market research resources are and become better storytellers so they can give an effective pitch.

Each week teams come prepared with slides covering specific aspects of their startup. By the end of the 6-week program teams will have produced their first pitch deck.

Participants from all regional research institutions are welcome to apply.

Questions? Email Terri Butler at TLButler@uw.edu

Past Sessions:

Virtual Biomedical Innovation Training Video Recordings >>>

2020 In-Person Biomedical Innovation Training Fireside Chat Series: