February 1, 2022

Healing Hands: WE-REACH Helps Fund Game-Changing Hand Injury Treatment, ReHeal

Serious hand and finger injuries provided the impetus for three individual innovators to connect, collaborate, and investigate over the past 10 years. The result is a promising prototype device called the ReHeal Glove, which will be pilot tested with patients in the next few months using a combination of funding and support from WE-REACH (the Washington Entrepreneurial Research, Evaluation, and Commercialization Hub) and the Department of Defense.

UW physician and researcher Dr. Chris Allan, research partner Professor Muthu Wijesundara, PhD, Division Head of Biomedical Device Technology at UTARI (the University of Texas at Arlington Research Institute), and patient turned research engineer, Brandon Bowman have been on a mission, never wavering in their commitment to provide a better healing solution to patients. Learn more about the project >>>.