August 24, 2020

NEW Fast track funding for developing COVID-19 biosensors for skin or oral cavities | Preapplications DUE September 9, 2020

WE-REACH is announcing fast track funding for early-stage projects aimed at developing biosensors for COVID-19 open to researchers in the Pacific Northwest. This one-time opportunity through the NIH is part of the Emergency RADx-Rad initiative to detect the virus or other biomarkers in nasal and oral cavities or skin.

This funding is intended to support innovators with promising technologies for research and early development (R&D) by providing support and project tracking. Each applicant may request up to $434K for 2 years.

More information about RADx-Rad funding opportunities for other groups: “Novel Biosensing for Screening, Diagnosis and Monitoring of COVID-19 from Skin and the Oral Cavity”

For more information and submission information follow this link. Given the rapid nature of this funding opportunity, there will be additional updates on how to apply soon.