UW Climate Survey

About the UW Climate Survey

In fall 2019, all three UW campuses will undertake a University-wide climate survey to help better understand how to make our campuses more welcoming and inclusive.

Undergraduate, graduate and professional students, as well as faculty and staff, on the University of Washington’s three campuses will be invited to participate in this confidential survey.

By filling out this survey, you will have the opportunity to share your personal experiences and offer suggestions for change. Your feedback matters! It will be used to create more inclusive and equitable environments for everyone, as well as shape our work to prevent and respond to sexual assault and misconduct.

The survey will be facilitated by an external consultant, Rankin & Associates Consulting, in conjunction with a Climate Study Working Group comprising 29 UW students, faculty and staff representing the Bothell, Seattle and Tacoma campuses.

The goals of the survey are to:

  • Identify existing successful initiatives and experiences
  • Identify challenges facing members of our campus communities
  • Develop actions to build on successes and address challenges

Both the 2017-2021 Diversity Blueprint and Race & Equity Initiative identified a climate survey as a priority to help us confront individual and institutional racism, as well as to inform the work that will make our campuses more inclusive overall. The survey will also include questions related to sexual assault, harassment and misconduct. Freedom from sexual discrimination is an essential component to a welcoming and inclusive environment.

What is a university climate survey?

A university climate survey is intended to examine the full range of student, faculty and staff experiences related to learning, working and living on their respective UW campuses —experiences that go to the heart of whether you feel a sense of belonging and inclusion, and whether you are able to thrive and succeed here.

Rankin & Associates Consulting describes university climate as “the current attitudes, behaviors, standards and practices of employees and students of an institution.” The climate is often shaped through personal experiences, perceptions and institutional efforts.

Learn more about the university climate survey process on our FAQs page.