The Innovation Imperative

The impact of innovation at the UW

Throughout more than 150 years of history, the UW has demonstrated an extraordinary track record of inventions and discoveries with impact across the globe. Consistently ranked the most innovative public university in the world, there is no limit to what we can achieve.

New speaker series on innovation

Join us on June 6th for this new speaker series featuring conversations with some of the most successful entrepreneurs, innovators, and leaders in the game. It kicks off with a powerhouse panel of women entrepreneurs and leaders in the food industry, who will share their recipes for success and the lessons they've learned along the way.

University of Washington students show off their startup ideas at DubHacks Next demo day

Students from the University of Washington’s DubHacks Next startup program pitched their projects recently, showing off ideas including a platform for brand ambassador programs and a marketplace for rural plots of land.

Brotherhood Initiative founder talks about race, entrepreneurship, and partnership

Joe Lott is the founding director of UW’s Brotherhood Initiative, a program launched in 2016 to engage and enrich the experiences of undergraduate men of color.

Biologists say deep learning is revolutionizing pace of innovation

A combination of new algorithmic and experimental methods has accelerated research in protein design by a factor of 10, according to Professor David Baker of the University of Washington.

Are we on the cusp of a breast cancer vaccine?

Scientists at Seattle’s Cancer Vaccine Institute inch closer to a medical moonshot 100 years in the making.

Startups and spinoffs

Every UW college and school has launched startups and created spinoffs. Since 1991, UW has spun out 271 companies. These spinoffs have raised over $8.6 billion in funding with $5.2 billion secured over the past five years alone.

Startup portfolio

Archived photograph of a Medic One ambulance and EMTs

26 innovations that changed the world

Explore a selection of innovations developed wholly or in part at the University of Washington. We invite you to share in the UW’s rich history through these fundamental and groundbreaking innovations.

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Innovation happens everywhere at the UW

Getting started: Whether you are a student, entrepreneur, investor, or other community member, these Frequently Asked Questions will guide you in the right direction.


“Insights I developed at UW are what carried me forward towards running my own businesses.”
– Keisha Credit, Master of Science in Entrepreneurship ’18

Keisha Forbes

The innovation ecosystem

The UW Innovation Imperative empowers students and researchers to learn, discover and build solutions to tomorrow’s challenges. It encourages innovation by providing the space and opportunity for people from all backgrounds — from the humanities to the sciences, the poetic and the pragmatic — to connect, imagine and discover.

UW student Ewurama Karikari helps fellow students

Learn the skills

The UW offers a wide variety of educational and learning opportunities to build students’ skills in innovation and entrepreneurship.

University of Washington Foundation Board (UWFB) members attending the Global Innovation Exchange (GIX) deep dive at the CoMotion's Makerspace in Fluke Hall

Get hands-on experience

Innovation happens in every corner of the UW — and there’s no better way to expand your skill set than to participate in a hands-on kind of way.

Students learn in their classrooms on UW Bothell campus in October 2019.

Bring ideas to life

A strong community is critical for entrepreneurs to bring new ideas to life. Important milestones along the journey include mentorship, lessons from industry leaders and alumni, and pursuing funding opportunities.

Nueroscience Hackathon

Build your network

Join us for events that will open your eyes, push your boundaries, and grow your network. Some are open to the public.