Trademarks & Licensing

Advisory Committee on Trademarks & Licensing

Consistent with our institutional goal of ensuring the humane and ethical treatment of workers, the UW has acted to uphold the rights of workers in factories that manufacture products with UW’s name and logo.

Along with other U.S. colleges and universities, the UW markets its trademarks through CLC, the licensing division for Learfield IMG College. CLC is responsible for ensuring companies that sign contracts to manufacture products bearing UW’s trademarks (“licensees”) abide by the UW Labor Code of Conduct. This Code provides standards for working conditions, health and safety, the environment, collective bargaining, and human rights.

In 2001, the UW established the President’s Advisory Committee on Trademarks & Licensing (ACTL) to lead the UW on these issues. ACTL is charged with ensuring that licensees conform to high ethical standards which respect the rights of workers. ACTL reviews and evaluates UW licensees’ corporate responsibility and performance, suggests effective ways to work with those businesses, and recommends appropriate remedial action when violations of the Code of Conduct are identified. ACTL also monitors the work of CLC as well as the UW’s two member organizations—the Worker Rights Consortium (WRC) and the Fair Labor Association (FLA)—to support and collaborate with them and benefit from their efforts to improve working conditions in the global production of goods for the marketplace and hold manufacturers accountable to international standards.

ACTL meets at least once a quarter and its membership includes faculty, students, staff, and administrators.

Committee Membership

Current members of ACTL are:

  • Four faculty
    1. Michael McCann, Professor, Political Science (co-chair)
    2. Kim England, Professor, Geography
    3. Debra Glassman, Principal Lecturer, Foster School of Business
    4. Anita Ramasastry, Professor, School of Law
  • Four students
    1. Riddhi Mehta-Neugebauer, Graduate Student, Political Science (co-chair and United Students Against Sweatshop appointee)
    2. Sebastian Lopez-Vergara, Graduate Student, Comparative Literature, Cinema, & Media Studies (Graduate & Professional Student Senate appointee)
    3. Emma Wilson, Undergraduate Student, Community, Environment & Planning (Associated Students of UW appointee)
    4. Jasmine Fernandez, Undergraduate Student, Law, Societies & Justice (Associated Students of UW appointee)
  • Four staff
    1. Paula Lukaszek, President, Washington Federation of State Employees, Local 1488
    2. Rhonda Johnson, President, Service Employees International Union, Local 925
    3. TBD, representative from the UW Professional Staff Organization
    4. TBD, representative from professional staff
  • Two Ex-officio members (non-voting)
    1. Sam Harasen, Associate Director, UW Trademarks & Licensing
    2. Nina Keaney, Director of Administration, Intercollegiate Athletics