Trademarks & Licensing

About Trademarks & Licensing


UW Trademarks & Licensing supports the UW community by

  • Protecting the marks
    • We manage the use of the University’s names, logos, and distinctive visual images, plus enforce high-quality standards for emblematic products while ensuring favorable representation.
  • Promoting the brand
    • We promote a positive image of the University and expand its global recognition by directing the production and placement of licensed merchandise and coordinating campus-wide marketing efforts.


To become one of the nation’s most recognizable institutions with an image that reflects the world-class learning, research, and achievement of the University of Washington. Utilize the UW name and image to support the educational environment and cutting-edge scholarship further. Uphold socially responsible manufacturing processes that protect workers and the environment, consistent with UW’s public service mission.



Partner with UW departments and stakeholders to maximize opportunities to promote the brand and realize goals.


Ensure a strong UW identity that represents the institutional values and standards.


Exhibit responsible global citizenship by ensuring that products bearing the institution’s marks are fairly produced.


Foster equitable and mutually beneficial relationships with licensees, retailers, and distributors.