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What if my sponsor doesn't appear in the Sponsor Lookup results?

This means the Sponsor has not yet been added to the SAGE database. Follow the steps below to put in a temporary sponsor and request that the desired Sponsor be added to the database:

  1. In the Search for: field of the Choose Sponsor window, type the word "Pending" instead of the sponsor's name. Note that you will not be able to send FIDS Disclosure Notifications until the final sponsor is in place.
  2. Select the "Pending - Notify OSP of Correct Sponsor" link for the appropriate sponsor type.
  3. Send an email to with the Sponsor name, type, address, contact information (website address or other contact information), and any other information you have.
  4. Upon confirmation from OSP that the sponsor has been added, update your eGC1 with the correct sponsor information and proceed to the PI and Personnel page to send SFI disclosure notifications.

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