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Diversity and equity for all

In order to support and sustain diversity and equity at the UW, as well as in the local, regional and global communities we serve, we must directly confront bias and racism at the individual, institutional and systemic levels.

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Confronting individual bias and racism

Progress begins with each of us. And we’ve got to begin by not being part of the problem. We must recognize and acknowledge that we are not all the same, that recognizing, valuing and celebrating our differences is what makes our University and our world stronger. And in turn, we must recognize that biases do reside in us all, but that we can change our attitudes and our interactions for the better. We are all teachers and learners when it comes to advancing a more equitable and just discourse that leads to change.

The Race & Equity Initiative is fostering the kind of difficult conversations and personal learning experiences that are necessary to recognize our individual contributions and to move our collective action forward.

Transforming institutional policies and practices

Many deeply rooted institutional policies and practices ignore the social issues of the present. Often these are vestiges of less progressive times and they must be acknowledged, uncovered and dealt with.

The Race & Equity Initiative is working to change exclusionary or biased policies and institutional practices that lead to and maintain racial and other forms of inequity and deny people opportunities.

Accelerating systemic change

The current national climate is difficult for those of us who view diversity and equity as core values; who believe in not only respecting, but also celebrating differences; who believe in justice and fairness; and who hold dear the idea that all men and women were created equal and should have equal opportunities to achieve their goals and contribute to society.

Our University must be critical and thoughtful about its influence in this larger system. Our identity as an institution of higher learning has an impact well beyond the borders of our campuses — an impact that we can shape.

The Race and Equity Initiative is forging new partnerships with community partners to work in a greater and more comprehensive way to address equity and fairness for all in our community.