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Building and Bridging Caucus


The program is not currently accepting applications. 

Application materials and process

  1. Please list your professional experiences most relevant to this program; you may include work experience, trainings or other relevant information.
  2. Please create and submit a 5–7 minute video response to the application questions below.  (If you are unable to submit a video, please contact the program lead, Makayla Ndamele, at for a link to submit written responses. Note: Video submissions are preferred.)
  3. Please ensure that you have your supervisor’s approval to commit to the time and attention this program will require.



  • What is your background and experience with DEI and/or racial caucusing most relevant to this program?
  • How have your thoughts around DEI evolved over time?
  • What areas of DEI would you like to learn more about?

Interest in the role

  • Being a caucus leader in this program involves facilitation with groups across the Seattle campus to build and bridge understanding across difference. Why do you feel you would be effective as a caucus leader and what motivates you to serve in this capacity?

Self-awareness and interpretation

  • Share an experience where you were part of a successfully facilitated training. What did the facilitator do to ensure that the training was successful?
  • Or, share an experience with facilitated training that was challenging (interpersonal conflict, breakdowns in communication, microaggressions in the space …) and how you think the facilitator could have been more effective.

Thought process

  • Explain what you believe to be an effective strategy to introduce new diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging concepts to individuals who are early in their diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging journey.
  • Please share any other relevant information you would like the selection committee to know.