Office of the Provost

Payroll and Work-Leave

Policies and procedures

Payroll procedures differ between overtime-eligible staff and overtime-exempt staff as described below.

All UW employees are paid twice per month. The first pay period covers the 1st through the 15th of the month, while the second pay period covers the 16th through the end of the month.  Pay dates are on the 10th and 25th of each month.  Please visit the payroll website for further information on payroll policies and procedures.

Overtime eligible

OT eligible staff include hourly-paid staff (such as temporary employees and UW student assistants) and some salaried Classified and Professional Staff. OT Eligible staff must submit “Positive Time Reporting” (PTR) and hours must be claimed on time for them to be paid.

  • Hourly staff report work hours twice per month (1st to 15th and 16th to end). For audit purposes, time worked should be reported day of. The employee’s supervisor will be given access to UW Timesheet to approve the employee’s time each bi-monthly pay period. Executive Office F&A then manually inputs approved work hours into the UW Payroll system.
  • UW work-study students report time to and are paid by the UW Work Study Office.  Apart from creating the initial appointment on OPUS, Executive Office F&A is not involved in payroll/time reporting.

Payroll deadlines are critical.  If time is not approved or submitted to Executive Office F&A for entering into the payroll system by the pay period deadline, the hours will not be paid until the next pay period.

Overtime exempt

Most professional and some salaried classified staff OT exempt. O-T Exempt staff are not required to report hours worked in order to be paid their regular salary each pay period.  The UW payroll system assumes that each salaried staff member has worked their regular hours and will be paid for those hours unless there is an adjustment (see below) to those hours that requires an increase or decrease in pay for a particular pay period.  This is known as “Exception Time Reporting (ETR)” in the UW payroll system.

  • Common adjustments (exceptions) include a reduction in hours resulting from an employee taking leave without pay or the inclusion of overtime hours worked and to be paid for salaried staff who are overtime-eligible.
  • A unit’s payroll coordinator must report any adjustments/exception time for salaried staff in their unit by the deadline indicated in Executive Office F&A’s bi-monthly pay period reminder email.  Exception time must be reported in writing and should be submitted by email to Executive Office F&A.

Work-leave reporting

UW leave policies and procedures can be found on the HR website. Policies vary among Contract (union) Classified, non-contract Classified, and Professional staff.

Overtime-exempt staff report their work-leave data (days worked vs days taken as leave) on a monthly basis using the work-leave report OT exempt staff form. These should be approved by the staff member’s supervisor and forwarded to Executive Office F&A no later than 5 days after the end of a month.

Overtime-eligible staff report their work-leave data (days worked vs days taken as leave) twice monthly using the work-leave report OT eligible staff form. These reports should be approved by the staff member’s supervisor and submitted to Executive Office F&A within 2 days of the end of the reporting period. (These bimonthly reports serve as “timesheets” for overtime-eligible staff for Executive Office F&A’s use in processing payroll every pay period.)