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Faculty Recruitment Initiative

The president and provost have allocated significant funds to support initiatives that enable the Office for Faculty Advancement (OFA) to work collaboratively with deans, chancellors and department chairs or directors to build and retain a diverse and inclusive faculty across the three campuses of the University of Washington.

Funds totaling $500,000 are available to contribute to the recruitment of faculty whose research, teaching, mentoring, service, and/or outreach expands or enriches traditional disciplinary boundaries. In some disciplines the emphasis may be on historically underrepresented and/or underserved communities, while in others it may be on broadening methodological approaches to address questions of special relevance to communities that have been understudied or underserved.

It is important to note that the focus of diversity, equity, and inclusion is not on the demographic background of faculty candidates but on the intellectual direction of their work and that work’s proven or potential impact. It is also important to note that these funds are intended primarily to assist with the hiring of tenure-track and tenured faculty.

One-time funds may be requested for a specified number of years, and these funds may be used for purposes including but not limited to summer salary support or supplemental research support (including research assistance support, staff support, professional travel, supplies and equipment, publication support, etc.). These funds cannot be used for regular salary.

All requests for support from the Faculty Recruitment Initiative should be made during the negotiation and recruitment process and sent to Chadwick Allen, Associate Vice Provost for Faculty Advancement, at

Requests should be sent as an email and/or email attachment and should include:

  1. Completed recruitment support request form (PDF)
  2. Brief written case for how the candidate will contribute to the unit’s diversity mission
  3. Brief written case for the competitive nature of the hire
  4. Outline of the full terms of the offer—unit contribution; college, school, or campus contribution; and what is being requested from Faculty Advancement
  5. Copy of the candidate’s curriculum vitae
  6. Any other relevant supporting documentation

Contact Professor Allen or the Office for Faculty Advancement with any questions.