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November 4, 2022

Two College of the Environment faculty recognized by American Geophysical Union

University of Washington School of Oceanography Professor Ginger Armbrust and Department of Atmospheric Sciences Professor Dennis Hartmann will be honored at the 2022 American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting in December.

photo of ginger armbrust

Ginger Armbrust

Armbrust has been named a 2022 AGU Fellow in recognition of her outstanding contributions to ocean sciences and for embodying AGU’s values by fostering equity, integrity, diversity and open science; by mentoring; through public engagement; and in her communications. Fewer than 1% of AGU members are selected to receive this honor each year.

As a biological oceanographer, Armbrust combines lab- and field-based techniques to study diatoms, a type of plankton. She works from the level of the cell all the way up to the community scale to understand how these organisms both shape and are shaped by their environmental conditions.

photo of dennis hartmann

Dennis Hartmann

Hartmann has been selected to receive the Roger Revelle Medal, which is given annually to one honoree in recognition of outstanding contributions in atmospheric sciences. The medal is named in honor of Roger Revelle, an oceanographer who made substantial contributions to the awareness of global climate change.

Hartmann is an atmospheric scientist who studies the atmosphere’s role in climate variability and change, and how the atmosphere interacts with the ocean in a changing climate. His principal areas of expertise are atmospheric dynamics, remote sensing, and mathematical and statistical techniques for data analysis.