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February 1, 2021

UW books in brief: African American political theory, philosophy and migration, data science for health

Notable recent books written or edited by UW faculty include an exploration of African American political theory, a book on philosophy and migration and a textbook on health data science.

Political scientist Jack Turner co-edits volume on African American political theory

Jack Turner, UW associate professor of political science, has teamed with Melvin Rogers of Brown University to edit “African American Political Thought: A Collected History.” The book is being published this month by University of Chicago Press.

The volume of essays features scholars’ reflections on prominent Black intellectuals of the past four centuries including W.E.B. Du Bois, James Baldwin, Ida B. Wells, Toni Morrison, Malcolm X, Audre Lorde, Cornel West and others. Turner and UW political science professor Michael McCann both contributed chapters, and Turner penned the introduction with Rogers.

Publisher’s notes say the book offers “an unprecedented philosophical history” of Black thinkers “who have addressed the central issues of political life: democracy, race, violence, liberation, solidarity, and mass political action.”

For more information, contact Turner at jturner3@uw.edu.

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Ruth Etzioni co-authors new textbook on data science and health research

Ruth Etzioni, UW affiliate professor of biostatistics and health services, has co-authored a new textbook on data science. “Statistics for Health Data Science: An Organic Approach” was published in January by Springer.

Etzioni, who is also on the faculty of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, wrote the book with Micha Mandel of Hebrew University and Roman Gulati, also with the Fred Hutchinson center.

Publisher’s notes say the book, aimed at researchers familiar with the basics of statistical analysis, “brings together key statistical ideas that are foundational for contemporary investigators in health services, health outcomes and health policy.”

Read an article on the Department of Biostatistics website.

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Oxford Press offers free chapter of Michael Blake book, noting among its best philosophy volumes of 2020

Oxford University Press has made a chapter of UW philosophy professor Michael Blake’s book “Justice, Migration and Mercy” freely available for several weeks as the press highlights 20 of its most popular philosophy books of 2020.

Publisher’s notes say the book offers a new approach to such questions as: How should we understand the political morality of migration? Are travel bans, walls, or carrier sanctions every morally possible in a just society?

“Blake challenges the current global realities of migration which ensure open borders for a select few and closed borders for the majority, most often the most marginalized in society.”

He views the idea of mercy as key to a moral analysis of migration, “which leads to the conclusion that we ought to show mercy and justice in constructing migration policy as well as in public debate.” Read Blake’s chapter, “On Morality and Migration.”

For more information, contact Blake at miblake@uw.edu.