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January 9, 2020

By the numbers: UW in the media in 2019

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In 2019, the University of Washington was mentioned in 4,143 news articles around the world. Among those, UW experts were quoted 2,290 times: 1,185 in national or international outlets and 1,105 in regional and local outlets.

UW faculty, researchers, graduate students and staff who engage in these interviews offer their expertise and knowledge to the general public through the news media. These interviews can take significant time and effort, but they help demonstrate day after day the important, relevant and innovative work of the university.

Below are a few highlights from UW faculty and researchers quoted in 2019 and the top regional, national and international outlets the UW was mentioned in.


Margaret O’Mara

“Technology will always move faster than lawmakers are able to regulate. The answer to the dilemma is to listen to the experts at the outset, and be vigilant in updating laws to match current technological realities.”

Margaret O’Mara, professor in the Department of History
The New York Times — July 5, 2019

Dr. Kemi Doll

“You can either approach it from the standpoint that there is something fundamentally wrong with black women’s bodies, or there’s something wrong with the way we treat black women and their bodies,” Doll says. “We are not going to help women, and we are not going to solve this problem, if we don’t deal with the problem of race and racism.”

Dr. Kemi Doll, assistant professor of obstetrics and gynecology in the UW School of Medicine
Mother Jones — October 21, 2019

Robert Winglee

“As in the Apollo era, innovations being developed for spaceflight have major benefits, often unforeseen at the time, for society.”

Robert Winglee, professor in the Department of Earth & Space Sciences
GeekWire — July 25, 2019

Amy Snover

“Our impact on the climate is tied up with population in lots of different ways — what resources people are using, how much industrial production is going on, how much energy is needed for heating, cooling and transportation.”

Amy Snover, director of the UW Climate Impacts Group
NBC News — June 17, 2019

We maintain a list of experts on various topics for use by journalists and archive the UW mentions in the media on our website. We’re always looking to expand our experts lists. UW researchers who want to be added to our directory for the news media can contact the public information officer for their area of expertise.