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November 2, 2018

UW Today email is getting a new look

UW News

The University of Washington has distributed news to the campus community — in one form or another — since 1975. Such communication began as a way to streamline how faculty, staff and students received important administrative news and was initially published as a pamphlet of memos.

In 1983, it evolved into University Week, a weekly printed newspaper with research news and feature stories. The newspaper became an online-only publication in 2008, and the first UW Today email newsletter was sent in 2011.

Nov. 5 marks a minor redesign aimed at improving the user experience. The email’s new look and feel features larger photos and a consistent layout that lets UW News continue to highlight the great stories from all corners of campus. The new design also includes improved accessibility features to make the email easier to consume for all audiences and is more mobile-friendly.

Dubs will still deliver the weather forecast to readers. In fact, he’ll also deliver the forecasts for the Bothell and Tacoma campuses, along with Seattle. But beyond giving readers valuable information for their daily wardrobe choices, the content of the email will remain largely unchanged.

UW Today is a daily source for research and administrative news across the university. It will still highlight a selection of UW-related media mentions, and feature articles and events from The Whole U, a weekly Arts Roundup in fall, winter and spring quarters, and the beloved Tweet of the Week.

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