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January 7, 2015

Arts Roundup: Lectures, ArtBreak – and the Takács Quartet

Welcome back to a new year and new quarter! The Henry Art Gallery kicks off the first Arts Roundup of the year with an assortment of events related to the exhibit “Ann Hamilton: the common S E N S E,” including a lecture presented by Seattle Arts and Lectures and an unusual exhibition tour with ArtVenture. If you’re looking for music performance, the School of Music presents violist Melia Watras’s faculty recital and the UW World Series hosts the Takács Quartet.

Melia Watras

Violist Melia Watras performs at Meany Hall on Jan. 11, 7:30 p.m.Rosemary Wagner

Seattle Arts and Lectures: Thinking Animals Series
7 p.m., Jan. 9 | Henry Art Gallery
This lecture explores the histories, politics and cultural dynamics of how humans see and do not see animals in the world. Bringing expertise from wildlife sciences, animal welfare, geography, anthropology, literature and political science, a distinguished set of speakers will explore human/animal connections in a range of global and historical contexts, including Renaissance France, contemporary Peru, and urban and rural spaces in the United StatesMore info.

Archaeology Day
10 a.m., Jan. 10 | Burke Museum
Archaeology Day 2015 is hosted in partnership with the Society for Historical Archaeology and will focus on archaeology of the last 500 years and urban settlement in the Pacific Northwest. Visitors will learn about the archaeology of the Puget Sound region, including recent discoveries, how archaeology is used to study both the past and the present, and the wide variety of research that is done in local communities. More info.

ArtBreak with Jayme Yen
2:30 p.m., Jan. 10 | Henry Art Gallery
ArtBreaks are facilitated gallery experiences led by artists, scholars and community members. Join Yen, head graphic designer at the Henry, for a discussion about the design of “Ann Hamilton: the common S E N S E.”  More info.

Faculty Recital: Melia Watras, viola
7:30 p.m., Jan. 11 | Meany Hall
Violist Melia Watras explores written and improvised music with an all-star lineup of performers, including other UW faculty. Jazz innovators Cuong Vu and Ted Poor, and Pacific Northwest Ballet concertmaster Michael Jinsoo Lim, join Watras in blurring genre through improvisation. Seattle Symphony pianist Kimberly Russ collaborates with Watras on written works by J.S. Bach and Henri Vieuxtemps, and Watras is joined by her student Romaric Pokorny for a performance of George Benjamin’s “Viola, Viola.” More info.

ArtVenture with Zack and Gala Bent
2 p.m., Jan. 11 | Henry Art Gallery
Artists Zack and Gala Bent and their three sons are The Recreation Institute. Join them in investigating the ways that we are similar to and different from other species. Are there ways we can use our imaginations to see the world from different eyes or feel the world through different skin? The Recreation Institute will lead participants through “Ann Hamilton: the common S E N S E” and explore the ways that Hamilton reveals our similarities and differences. More info.

Takács Quartet
7:30 p.m., Jan. 13 | Meany Theater
Presented by UW World Series, the quartet plays with excitement, warmth and humor, combining four distinct musical personalities to bring fresh insights to the string quartet repertoire. Takács’ Meany performance features Beethoven’s Op. 130.  More info.

“In-Between” Opening Reception
6 p.m., Jan. 14 | Gould Pavilion
In partnership with the College of Built Environments, architecture firm Suyuma Peterson Deguchi opens the new George Suyama Gallery at Gould Pavilion, and the Pavilion’s first exhibition, “In-Between,” running through Feb. 22. The exhibit opening includes a conversation with George Suyama and Jay Deguchi.  More info.

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