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At the University of Washington, we connect to each other through our home departments and collaborative work. We also connect through shared interests, social identities, life experiences and a belief that collective local action matters. Together, our community strives to create and maintain working and learning environments that are inclusive, equitable and welcoming.

From university-wide initiatives to local department programs, you will find diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging firmly centered as part of our shared values. As an employee, you are encouraged to build the connections that matter to you and participate in what moves you personally. For some that could mean joining an employee affinity or interest group or taking action to be the change you want to see in the world. For others that might be engaging in sustainability initiatives, participating in wellness programs or supporting our greater community through workplace giving.

You will also find supportive programs that provide tools, training and access to resources to ensure all employees can thrive in their positions at the UW.


University-wide initiatives and programs


The Explore Diversity website introduces the Diversity Blueprint, a framework for guiding the UW toward achieving its stated goals for diversity and inclusion, along with a full spectrum of programs and initiatives designed to support access, inclusion and equity work.

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Healthcare equity

UW Medicine believes that healthcare is a fundamental human right and everyone should have the same access and opportunities for the best possible outcomes. UW Medicine is committed to transforming the way care is provided to eliminate inequities. Visit Healthcare Equity to learn how every position in UW Medicine shares this responsibility.

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Building connections

Faculty and staff affinity groups build connections and foster community. Explore the groups that play an important role in fostering belonging: Asian & Pacific Islander American Association; Black Association; Queer (Q) Faculty, Staff, and Allies Affinity Group; Latinx Association; Native Association; and UW Disability Staff and Faculty Association.

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What’s happening now

504 at 50

Learn, celebrate, and innovate with UW as we mark the 50th anniversary of
Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973—the foundational civil rights law that established protection from discrimination for individuals with disabilities in the US.

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Connecting to our community

The UW Combined Fund Drive provides employees a way to connect with community organizations and social justice movements through workplace giving, volunteering and activism.

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The Whole U

For the UW by the UW, The Whole U focuses on fostering connection, supporting holistic wellness and engaging employees’ interests.

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UW Human Resources

UWHR is dedicated to a future where all staff are valued, and inclusive and equitable practices are embedded in the culture of who we are as an institution and employer.

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Civil Rights Investigation Office

The UW has established policies, practices and programs to ensure equity for students, staff and faculty. The Civil Rights Investigation Office investigates concerns relating to civil rights such as protection from discrimination, harassment, retaliation, and sexual misconduct.

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Office of the Ombud

The UW Ombud delivers client-focused conflict-management services, improving fairness and effectiveness at the UW. The Ombud strives to empower clients to navigate and resolve issues in their lives through active participation in the problem-solving process.

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