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Before applying

Take the following tips into account before applying to a job at the University of Washington.

Create one resume that reflects all of your experience, education and skills

Our application system only allows one resume per individual, so make sure yours is up-to-date and includes your complete educational and employment history. Include the dates for each of your previous jobs and describe what you did in each position. See Resumes the UW Way for additional guidance.

Skip the fancy resume formatting

Instead, format your resume in a simple and clean manner. Avoid tabs, tables, borders, bolding and fancy fonts. If you want to call out a specific skill or other information, use all CAPS.

Include a URL to showcase a portfolio or work samples

Our applicant tracking system doesn’t allow for attachments, but you may add a link to your LinkedIn profile, personal website or to provide a hiring manager with access to samples of your work.

Don’t try to outsmart the system by creating multiple profiles with different resumes

Our system and processes only allow for one candidate profile and one comprehensive resume per individual. If you create two profiles, they will be merged and your resume with the most recent updates will become the only resume attached to your candidate profile.