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Career development

Looking for a job today yet also thinking about your long-term goals? Many University of Washington staff feel amazed to suddenly find themselves celebrating their 5, 10 or 20+ year work anniversaries at the UW.

In fact, in 2022:

  • 1,373 employees celebrated their 5-year UW anniversary
  • 774 employees celebrated their 10-year UW anniversary
  • 658 employees celebrated their 15-year UW anniversary
  • 430 employees celebrated their 20-year UW anniversary


Based on a snapshot of staff data from October 2022:

  • The average length of service at the UW was 8.3 years
  • Employees had been in their current position for an average of 4.2 years

From June 30—July 1, 2022, more than 50% of hires were internal. During that time, a total of 4,027 employees moved into a new position at the UW.


Why do people stay?

At the UW, you are a part of realizing the mission and vision of a transformative, world-class institution — and you have opportunities to grow your career in both anticipated and unexpected ways.

Some UW careers follow fairly typical paths; others progress between different departments, areas of expertise and position types. You may be interested in this video in which several current and former UW leaders discuss their career paths.

Watch the video


Opportunities to grow

Myriad opportunities are available to help employees build skills, succeed on the job and advance along their chosen career path.

  • UW Professional & Organizational Development offers coaching, a leadership development program and dozens of classes on topics from communications to project management, emotional intelligence and diversity, equity and inclusion.
  • The Whole U provides thousands of opportunities each year for employees to enhance their well-being and develop their whole selves.
  • Many departments also offer internal training to develop their employees.

Regardless of the path or position you pursue, at the UW you have opportunities to create your own career, discover or hone your interests, and make a difference on a local or even global scale. And even if you stay in the same position or department for a few years or a few decades, change is part of the natural rhythm of the UW. When you’re part of an institution responding to global challenges and educating the next generation, there’s always a fresh challenge to tackle, and innovation is encouraged.