Students must first apply for FAFSA to be considered for a Federal Direct PLUS Loan.

For a parent loan (PLUS) to be completed, there are 3 steps to the PLUS request:

1   Parent completes Parent Loan (PLUS) Application
2   Parent signs Master Promissory Note (MPN)
3 Parent completes Annual Student Loan Acknowledgement (optional)

Parent loan (PLUS) application

The parent borrower will log into the using his or her own social security number and his or her own FSA ID. To log in: click Log In, then:

Select: Apply for a PLUS Loan
Select the loan type: Direct PLUS Loan Application for Parents

There are 4 steps to the request process where the parent borrower will provide information or agree to terms & conditions:

Student & Loan Info
Borrower Info
Review Request
Credit Check & Submit

Master promissory note (MPN)

If you have not already completed a Master Promissory Note for a parent loan for your son/daughter, you will need to:

Select: Complete Master Promissory Note
Select the MPN type: PLUS MPN for Parents

There are 4 additional steps to complete the MPN:

Personal Information
Personal References
Terms & Conditions
Review & Sign

Annual Student Loan Acknowledgement

The Annual Student Loan Acknowledgment (ASLA) is available at Who should complete the ASLA? Borrowers accepting a subsidized/unsubsidized loan, a PLUS loan for graduate/professional students, or a PLUS loan for parents. Borrowers are acknowledging that they understand their responsibility to repay the loan and that they understand how much they owe and how much more they can borrow.

The UW will receive the completed PLUS loan request and promissory note information within 48 – 72 hours which will update our systems. At that time, your student can check their financial aid status on MyUW to verify we have received their loan information. If you have selected that you do not know the amount to borrow, an award will be offered which your student will need to accept to complete the process.