Federal Relations

117th Congress

December 8, 2021

House Passes NDAA

Yesterday the House passed the National Defense Authorization Act for FY22 with strong bipartisan support. The legislation authorized a $770 billion funding level for the Department of Defense and made key changes to defense policy. Read more here.

December 2, 2021

CR until February 18

The House and Senate have agreed to pass a continuing resolution (CR), which would keep the federal government open and funded, until February 18, 2022. Congress has previously passed a CR that expires at midnight on Friday, December 3, 2021. The extension gives the House and Senate additional time to finish FY2022 funding and try…

November 19, 2021

House Passes “Build Back Better” Package

After months of intraparty discord among Democrats, both within the House and between chambers, the House passed early this morning the “Build Back Better” reconciliation package.  The House cleared the measure by a vote of 220 – 213, with one Democrat voting against it.  The vote was delayed to this morning after Minority Leader Kevin…

November 17, 2021

USICA Goes to Conference

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer announced in a joint statement that the bipartisan United States Innovation and Competition Act (S. 1260) will be conferenced to resolve differences between House and Senate versions. Although leadership in both chambers originally hoped to include the legislation in the upcoming FY 22 National Defense…

November 16, 2021

It’s “Infrastructure Week”– Infrastructure Bill Officially Signed

With more than 800 guests in attendance at the White House, President Biden officially signed into law yesterday the $1.2-trillion infrastructure legislation.  The signing ceremony became possible after Democrats were able to come to an agreement on how to proceed on it and the reconciliation package and the House cleared the infrastructure bill before leaving…

November 5, 2021

House Sends $1 Trillion Infrastructure Bill to President

Late Friday night, the House cleared H.R. 3684- Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act and sent the legislation to President Biden to be signed into law. The bill, worth about $1 trillion, cleared the Senate back in August. The bipartisan bill includes provisions for roads, bridges, ports, public transit, electric vehicles, coastal infrastructure, and rural broadband…

House Dems Finally Schedule Votes on Reconciliation, Infrastructure Bills

After last minute negotiations among themselves last night, the House Democrats have finally scheduled votes on both the  budget reconciliation and infrastructure bills for this morning. There were a number of issues on which the House Democrats were trading proposals on the reconciliation measure, including those around immigration, deductibility of state taxes, and paid leave,…

November 2, 2021

It’s More Than Climate Provisions

The Office of Federal Relations continues to go through the current iteration of the reconciliation package.  In our last post, we highlighted some of the education, research, and climate-related provisions.  Not surprisingly, there are myriad other provisions of interest in the text. A significant portion of the funds for the USDA would be dedicated to…

October 28, 2021

Finally, We Have the Details

Shortly after the release of the framework earlier this morning, the actual text of the reconciliation bill that will be voted on was made public this afternoon.  The nearly 1,700-page bill is available here. Although the Office of Federal Relations is in the process of analyzing the legislation, a number of details and themes have emerged. …

Do We Have a Deal on $1.75 Trillion?

The Biden White House released earlier this morning a “framework” on a $1.75-trillion reconciliation package that it hopes hits the sweet spot for the Democratic caucus in both chambers of Congress.  The amount is half the original in the “Build Back Better” package that the progressives within the party had been pushing.  Now it remains…

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