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October 16, 2020

What We’re Reading this Week (October 12th-16th, 2020)

Keep up with what’s happening in DC. Below is a selection of articles the Federal Relations team read this week. SCOTUS Hearings: Supreme Court nominee Judge Amy Coney Barrett was questioned for 3 days in what many label as a relatively tame hearing. The vote on her nomination is scheduled for October 22, just 12…

October 15, 2020

SCOTUS Committee Vote Scheduled for Oct. 22

The Senate Judiciary Committee is scheduled to wrap later today its third and last day of questioning of U.S. Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett.  During the hearing earlier this morning, the committee agreed to officially vote on her nomination next Thursday, October 22, at 1 PM ET. Read more about the confirmation process here and here.

October 12, 2020

So It Begins

After much back and forth between the two parties and between Senate Democrats and the White House for the past several weeks, the confirmation process for the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to the U.S. Supreme Court kicks off today with the first day of her confirmation hearing, which is scheduled to last four days. …

October 9, 2020

What We’re Reading this Week (October 5th-9th, 2020)

Keep up with what’s happening in DC. Below is a selection of articles the Federal Relations team read this week. Trump out of Hospital: Following a controversial public appearance in a vehicle, the President was released from Walter Reed National Military Medical Center and returned to the White House. Full story. VP Debate: Vice President…

October 6, 2020

Trump Ends Talks on Next Pandemic Relief Bill… For Now

After coming home from the hospital last evening, President Trump this afternoon ended negotiations on the next COVID-19 relief package, claiming that Democrats were not negotiating in good faith.  He stated that he will restart the talks after the election. Read more about the development here, here, and here.

October 5, 2020

Senate Schedule Scrambled

With a flood of COVID-19-related developments unfolding over the weekend in our nation’s capital, the Senate schedule has been scrambled for at least the next several weeks. As at least three GOP Senators have tested positive for the illness– Thom Tillis of North Carolina, Mike Lee of Utah, and Ron Johnson of Wisconsin– and a…

October 2, 2020

What We’re Reading this Week (September 28th-October 2nd, 2020)

Keep up with what’s happening in DC. Below is a selection of articles the Federal Relations team read this week. Presidential Debate: President Trump and former Vice President Biden met in Cleveland for the first 2020 Presidential Debate, moderated by Chris Wallace from Fox News. Analysis from Time Magazine here. VP Pence and Senator Harris…

October 1, 2020

House Passes Another COVID Relief Bill

The House has passed their updated, smaller “HEROES 2.0” COVID-19 relief bill that was introduced earlier this week. The largely symbolic bill passed 214-207 on party lines. The Senate is not expected to take action on the legislation. Negotiations continue between Speaker Pelosi and Secretary Mnuchin, however there is about a $1 trillion difference in…

CR Signed, Government Still Open

After returning from a campaign rally late last night, President Trump signed a continuing resolution (CR)  that will keep the government funded through December 11.  FY2021 officially started at midnight this morning and none of the 12 individual spending bills have been signed into law.  In theory, the extension until December 11 gives Congress and…

September 30, 2020

House Updates HEROES Act

House Democrats have released an updated, smaller, “HEROES Act 2.0”, totaling approximately $2.2 trillion. This COVID relief bill would provide support for small businesses, airline workers, childcare, food security, the Census, education, local governments, and healthcare. Specifically, $39 billion would go to colleges and universities, $3 billion would go to research relief for NIH, and…

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