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July 30, 2021

Nine Down, Three to Go, in the House

After passing the Legislative Branch and State-Foreign Operations spending bills on Wednesday, the House approved mostly along party lines a seven-bill appropriations package for FY2022 on Thursday.  This means that the chamber has cleared nine of the 12 annual appropriations measures. Included in Thursday’s package were:  Agriculture; Energy and Water Development; Financial Services; Interior and…

July 28, 2021

USCIS Publishes New DACA FAQs

USCIS (US Citizenship and Immigration Services) has published updated FAQs regarding the DACA program following the recent decision in State of Texas, et al., v. United States of America, et al., 1:18-CV-00068, (S.D. Texas July 16, 2021) (“Texas II”).  

July 16, 2021

Federal Judge Blocks New DACA Applications

A federal judge in Texas has issued a ruling to block all new DACA applications nationwide. Existing recipients and renewal applications will be unaffected for now. US District Judge Andrew S. Hanen stated that the program oversteps executive authority. He remanded the issue to the Department of Homeland Security, which asserted it is ready and…

House Appropriations Process Continues to Move Forward

The House appropriations process continues to plow ahead, with the committee approving earlier today the FY2022 Energy and Water Development bill by a vote of 33 – 24.  The bill is expected to be part of the larger package of bills brought to the floor during the week of July 26. The bill summary is…

CJS, Labor-HHS Bills Clear Committee, Energy-Water Is Next

During a day-long mark-up session, the House Appropriations Committee cleared yesterday both the Commerce-Justice-Science (CJS) and the Labor-HHS-Education (L-HHS) bills. CJS NSF The press release about the CJS measure passing the committee is available here.  The detailed report that accompanies the bill is available here. The committee-approved legislation would fund the National Science Foundation (NSF) at $9.63…

July 15, 2021

NIH Listening Sessions on ARPA-H

The NIH will host various listening sessions related to the creation of ARPA-H. The ARPA-H proposal would create a special advanced research arm of the NIH. The goal of the listening sessions is to collect stakeholder feedback from the scientific, patient advocacy, and medical community. Sessions are organized by topic, and registration is available here.

Additional Support Will Be Needed For DOD S&T Programs Going Forward

As noted previously, the House Appropriations Committee approved the FY2022 Defense spending bill earlier this week. The detailed report for the bill is available here. At this point, for the most part, the bill would fund basic and applied research programs at levels below the current level.  The committee-approved bill would fund basic (“6.1”) and applied…

July 14, 2021

Various Science Agencies and Programs Slated for Increases in House CJS Bill

According to the report that accompanies the CJS bill scheduled to be marked up by the full Appropriations Committee in the House tomorrow, the current version of the legislation would provide increases to various science and research agencies and program of interest to UW. NSF The current version of the legislation proposes to increase the…

House Bill Includes Increases for NIH, Student Aid and Higher Education

The House Labor-HHS report includes increases for a number of agencies, programs, and accounts of great interest to both UW and the broader higher education community.  These include, for example, the following– NIH The bill calls for $49.4 billion for NIH, an increase of $6.5 billion above the current level.  Of the proposed $6.5-billion increase,…

House Committee Approves Defense Bill, More Action Scheduled for Later This Week

The full House Appropriations Committee cleared the FY2022 Defense spending bill yesterday by a party-line vote of 33-23.  Among other efforts, the legislation funds Pentagon-supported basic and applied research programs .  The detailed committee report that outlines the individual accounts in bill is available here. The committee is scheduled to take up additional measures of interest…

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