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Congressional Meeting Resources

Visiting Washington, DC

Aerial image of D.C. at dusk

Located just steps from the United States Capitol, the Office of Federal Relations is your resource for navigating Washington, D.C.

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Federal Lobbying Disclosure

Three women standing together in front of the Washington state flag and the American flag.

To remain clear, consistent and complaint with federal reporting requirements, we ask UW employees to coordinate advocacy with our office.

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Tips for Successful Congressional Meetings

A group stands in Congresswoman Cantwell's office in front of a photo of Mount Rainier.

The Office of Federal Relations has pulled together the following resources to help UW employees make the most out of their time with members and congressional staff.
START HERE: A Guide to Federal Meetings
Why Meet with Congress: Effective Advocacy
Testifying Before Congress
Timeline for the Appropriations Process
DC Style Guide: How to Address Federal Government Officials
2023 Congressional Calendar (subject to change).