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House Dems Finally Schedule Votes on Reconciliation, Infrastructure Bills

After last minute negotiations among themselves last night, the House Democrats have finally scheduled votes on both the  budget reconciliation and infrastructure bills for this morning.

There were a number of issues on which the House Democrats were trading proposals on the reconciliation measure, including those around immigration, deductibility of state taxes, and paid leave, just to name a few.  The version that is being voted on today will be further modified by a “manager’s amendment,” crafted to address additional last minute changes.

Even if this version does pass the House by the narrowest of margins, how the Senate plans to deal with it remains unknown.  The Senate may wind up taking up a different version of the bill, meaning that the ball would once again be in the House’s court.

The infrastructure bill, which has actually passed the Senate, is also scheduled (as of this morning) for a vote today.  This was part of the compromise between the moderate and progressives, as the latter group wanted to make sure that the former would vote for a reconciliation bill as well as the less costly infrastructure package.

We will provide additional updates.