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Do We Have a Deal on $1.75 Trillion?

The Biden White House released earlier this morning a “framework” on a $1.75-trillion reconciliation package that it hopes hits the sweet spot for the Democratic caucus in both chambers of Congress.  The amount is half the original in the “Build Back Better” package that the progressives within the party had been pushing.  Now it remains to be seen whether enough Democrats will actually vote for it in both chambers.

Among other provisions, the framework highlights a $550 increase in the Pell Grant maximum as well as funds for research infrastructure and capacity building at minority-serving institutions.  The largest piece of the package is $555 billion dedicated climate- and environment-related activities.  The statement on the framework also highlights $100 billion that would be dedicated to address a number of different immigration-related matters.

The framework is available on the White House website here.  A White House statement is available here.  The details have not yet been released.

Read more about the political dynamics around the package here and here.

We will provide additional details about the package as they become available.