Federal Relations

September 21, 2021

Continuing Resolution Introduced

With FY2022 scheduled to start October 1 and no funding bills yet signed into law, a continuing resolution (CR) that would keep the government funded through December 3 has been unveiled.  It also includes a host of “anomalies,” minor changes and corrections that are needed to ensure that no major changes in federal programs are created while the government functions under a CR.

In addition to keeping the government’s doors open through the first two months of FY2022, the CR would provide emergency funds to address the damage caused by recent floods and wildfires and to fund the costs associated with Afghan refugees.

The most partisan provision of the CR is the proposed lifting of the debt limit to December, 2022.  Congressional Republicans have publicly stated that while they will vote to support other parts of the legislative, they will not support the lifting of the debt limit, creating a level of uncertainty.

The text of the CR is available here and a corresponding summary is available  here.

We will provide updates.