Federal Relations

May 15, 2020

What We’re Reading this Week (May 11th-15th, 2020)

Below is a selection of articles the Federal Relations team read this week.

COVID-19: Lebanon and other countries report an uptick in cases after easing restrictions, some European students return to school, and President Trump appoints people to lead US vaccine effort. Live updates at CNN.

India: Cyclone Amphan is forming over the Bay of Bengal and is expected to make landfall in the next few days. Live updates at Times of India.

Yellowstone: A woman entered Yellowstone National Park and fell into a hot spring while taking pictures this week. The park remains closed due to stay-home orders. She was taken to a hospital in Idaho to be treated for burns. Full story at NBC.

Afghanistan: Sixteen people, including two newborns, were killed by gunmen at a Doctors Without Borders maternity ward in Kabul. The attack has prompted the Afghan government to resume “offensive operations” against the Taliban, putting a potential peace deal in jepoardy. More at Washington Post.