Federal Relations

December 16, 2019

What Do the Details Look Like?

While the details have yet to be released, a deal on the 12 spending bills for FY2020 has been reached among the Congressional leaders themselves and, apparently, with the White House.  The deal would provide the Trump Administration $1.375 billion for a Southern wall, much less than the $5 billion it wanted; funding for the wall has been one of the biggest, but not the only, hurdles on the road to the passage of FY2020 appropriations bills.

The current fiscal year started October 1 and the current continuing resolution expires Saturday at midnight.

With negotiators and senior staff furiously working on the legislative text, the 12 bills are expected to be combined into two sizable legislative packages rather than a single gigantic piece of legislation. The House is expected to act first on the measures before sending them to the Senate.

We will provide details about the contents of these massive bills as they become available.