Federal Relations

March 13, 2019

Additional Information About FY2020 Budget Proposal Available

Additional details about the President’s FY2020 budget requests for various agencies are becoming available.  In the bigger picture, this additional level of information is not as detailed as what we expect to see later this spring.

For example, the top line USGS budget document shows that the Administration proposes to eliminate the Cooperative Research Unit program while seeking to move and reorganize the Climate Adaptation Science Centers.  It also calls for the Earthquake Early Warning system to be funded at $8.2 million.

The research budget proposal from the Pentagon, the “R-1,” seeks to reduce funding for DoD basic research by 11.4 percent and DoD science and technology by 11.9 percent compared to FY2019 levels.

NASA would see a cut of about $500 million below the enacted FY2019 level.  Within the larger NASA Administration proposal, Space Grant and WFIRST would both be eliminated.  See here, and here.  Space News also takes a look at the NASA budget request.

Office of Federal Relations will continue to provide additional details.