Federal Relations

February 14, 2019

Funding Bill Includes Increases

An initial review of the conference report shows that it contains increases for a number of agencies and accounts of interest to UW.

For example, the bill would fund NSF at $8.075 billion, an increase of $308 million above the FY2018 level. Wtihin NSF, the bill would fund:

  • Research and Related Activities at $6.52 billion
  • Education and Human Resources at $910 million
  • Major Research Equipment and Facilities Construction at $295.7 million

With respect to NASA, the bill would appropriate $6.91 billion to the Science Mission Directorate while it would support the Space Technology Directorate at $926.9 million.  The Aeronautics Directorate would receive $725 million under this bill.


We will provide additional updates.