Federal Relations

January 26, 2017

Federal Grant Update

Some initial actions and comments from the incoming Trump Administration have prompted questions and concerns from faculty, researchers, and the media, regarding federal research. Particularly, questions have pertained to Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) grants.

Here is what we know:

  • It is not uncommon for incoming administrations to issue a hold on grants at the beginning of their tenure. The current hold is happening across all agencies, not only EPA. The hold is designed to be an inventory and understanding of what is currently in process at the agency.
  • This will not impact existing awards — they continue. If there are any changes, those changes would be in new awards and new policies. We are halfway through FY 2017, and items already awarded and obligated should expect to receive funds. RFPs not yet out, grants not yet obligated, and FY 2018 grants (because those funds have yet to be appropriated), could see changes.
  • The EPA “freeze” should be resolved by close of business Friday, Jan. 27, when the accounting by the transition team is expected to be completed.

The UW’s Office of Sponsored Programs has information about these issues, including recommendations of what to do with grants in various stages of the process, on its web page under “Announcements.” This page is being vetted through a set of strict criteria.

The Federal Relations team will continue to gather and share information as it becomes available.