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Onboarding & Retention

Once a new hire has been approved, it is important to invest in retaining and preparing the employee for employment at the University of Washington. The unit needs a clear plan in place so that the new hire is welcomed and able to thrive in their position. Ensure campus resources are shared for their success and retention. The following is intended to contribute to a unit’s successful onboarding and work experience for a unit’s new hire.


The UW can be an exhilarating and challenging environment to navigate. In addition to the welcoming and onboarding that takes place in your unit and the resources available from via HR, here are a few other places where new staff may look to get connected:


One of the purposes of the UW Faculty/Staff Affinity Groups is to support the recruitment and retention of a diverse faculty and staff. With over 750 individuals participating in our affinity groups, the opportunities for generating community interest in open positions is immense. Affinity groups serve primarily as a social and networking function, but also function to raise awareness of diversity issues on campus. With the current UW Race & Equity Initiative and the UW Diversity Blueprint, it is clear that there is a role for the affinity groups in supporting staff engagement and retention efforts. Details on how to reach the UW Affinity Groups may be found here.