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Get ready for the Summer Throwdown — a team fitness challenge that will give you the kick-start you need to achieve your goals. Be boundless in your determination and grab a team of colleagues or friends to learn the best fitness tips, experience more intense workouts, and perform fitness tests to check your progress. Our Whole U fitness partners will provide FREE passes throughout this six-week challenge starting Monday, July 11 and ending Sunday, August 21. There’s no time like the summer so commit now!

When to Buy Organic Fruit, Veggies & Meat

As a dietitian working in the cancer unit, my patients are often very interested in nutrition. The topic of organic food stirs up a lot of questions: Should they shop organic after being diagnosed with cancer? Should they transition to an all-organic diet to stay healthy and reduce the risk of relapse moving forward? Why opt for organic in the first place? The popularity of organic foods is rising, and now almost all supermarkets have a wide variety of organic selections. Organic food categories vary: 100% organic, made with organic ingredients, etc. It can be confusing even for a dietitian. Let’s explore what the labels mean.

Summer Throwdown Week 3: Making Fitness Social

Faculty Friday: Charlotte Coté

Summer Planting Picks From the Botany Greenhouse Staff

Summer Throwdown Week 2: Physical Fitness

Faculty Friday: Rob Turner

Those 20-minute showers are lavish, but how much water did it take to make your favorite pair of shoes? How about the beans in your morning coffee? The fuel in your gas tank? Water that goes into producing consumer goods is called virtual water, and it flows through your closet, your kitchen, and your daily commute. Virtual water accounts for over 95% of our water footprint, but we don't talk about it much. Rob Turner wants to change that.

Fitness Books to Pump Up Your Summer Throwdown

Summer has begun, and so has The Whole U’s Summer Throwdown Team Fitness Challenge. As you and your team get moving, here are several books to help you keep motivated and move towards your fitness goals this summer. Check them out below, in our stores, and at today! Get Inspired, Stay Inspired Motivation is often [...]

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Summer Throwdown Week 1: Food Fitness

Faculty Friday: Susan Collins & Seema Clifasefi

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