It’s Summer!

It’s finally summer! Let’s celebrate by trying something new. From book clubs to ball games, there are tons of activities to chose from. Check out our calendar for events or peruse 180 discounts for faculty and staff. And save August 24 for a Free Photo Day on the Seattle campus!

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Take your gardening skills to the next level!

Summer in the Pacific Northwest is perfection. The days are long, the sun is (mostly) shining, and it’s gardening season! Soon temperatures will drop, leaves will change color, and my summer plants will need some love. Don’t let the fall catch you off guard. As the seasons change, so should your potted plants. Learn how [...]

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10 Good Books to Read in a Hammock

Potluck Ideas From Our Summer of FUNction Teams

UW Summer Bucket List

Infographic: UW is Great College to Work For 2014

Expert Tips for Talking with Your Kids About Sex

As 12-year-old girls, we giggled about sex education night. We knew it was inadequate and didn’t take it seriously even though we had tons of thoughts and feelings about what was going on that year. Fast forward to now, and I’m a parent hungry for information on navigating the safety and social issues around healthy [...]

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3 Ways UW Staff Steps On Up

Listen to how three UW staff members are fitting in the Step On Up challenge! Scott Olsen, refrigeration mechanic, UW Medical Center: “I’m a refrigeration mechanic at UWMC and am shocked at how many steps UP the stairs I can take in a day versus taking the elevators. Assessing the 1,100+ pieces of equipment only [...]

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Jessica Investigates: Swapping Fruits for Fats When Baking

Hashtag What? Your Guide to Social Media

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  • The Whole U team is sticking to the Summer of FUNction challenge! Office wear and telecommuting doesn't hold us back from doing desk pushups. How's you're Summer of FUNction going? #summeroffunction #getfit #workflow #uw
  • Woohoo! Congrats to this week's crop of steppers for reaching a new milestone. Tag yourself (or your friends) if your name is on this week's list. Check out The Whole U's facebook page for previous badge recognitions. #uwsteponup #steps #spaceneedle #mtbaker
  • As the work week winds down, consider these words from director of Hall Health's Mental Health Clinic, Anil Coumar. For me, being alive was experiencing the excitement and fear of standing 350 feet high on this bridge. #life #introspection #adventure #meditation #uw
  • The UW Club is running a summer special for faculty & staff! Tempted after trying their new desserts... #cheesecake #uwclub
  • Today marks week three of the Step On Up Challenge! How's everyone doing? Where have your steps taken you? #uwsteponup #getfit #hiking #adventures
  • #tbt to the martial arts #icon, Bruce Lee. A martial arts master, actor, and filmmaker, Lee also studied philosophy while at #UW. Sunday, July 20th, marks his anniversary. His Lakeview Cemetery burial site will surely be visited by his fans. #Seattle #legend #jeetkunedo

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