It’s Summer!

It’s finally summer! Let’s celebrate by trying something new. From book clubs to ball games, there are tons of activities to chose from. Check out our calendar for events or peruse 180 discounts for faculty and staff. And Yoga Month is coming soon…enter now to win a yoga class for you and your colleagues!

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Composting: Everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask

When you close your eyes, what’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word COMPOST? If you said “worms,” you’re not alone. Do you wonder… How do I keep the smell down? Will worms crawl all over my house? WHEN do I know it’s ready? WHAT should I do when it’s [...]

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Easy Ways to Try Meditation Today

Top 10 Event Discounts

Music, Poetry, and Story Meet at University Book Store

Seasonal Fruits: Late Summer Gems & Early Fall Favorites

Why We Started the UW Medicine Cycling Club–and Why You Should Join!

The UW Medicine Cycling Club began in 2011 when we organized a small group of cyclists, made up of friends and riding partners primarily working at the University of Washington Medical Center, to go on bike rides. This group has grown to over 80 cyclists of all levels representing many of the UW Medicine practice [...]

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The Now & Future Jake

The Art building has some nice surprises for faculty and staff who venture to visit. One of them is the Parnassus Coffee hangout in the basement.  Another is seeing the 3D4M students at work, torches in hand, as you peer inside the windows along Stevens Way.   Moving north on Stevens, the next set of windows [...]

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Summiting for Stem Cell Research

Perk Spotlight: Learning to Sail at UW

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  • What are you most excited for on your @uofwa campus this fall? Leave a comment down below using #uwfall2014 and you could win a FREE prize pack! This contest ends Aug. 20th on our Instagram and Twitter account.
  • The UW Bothell campus is continually expanding. So much so, it has been established as the fastest growing public university in Washington state. As a tribute to its changes and growth, here's a #tbt to its change in W symbols - from greenery to bronze. Which you do prefer? #uw #uwb #huskiesforlife
  • How are you staying healthy this summer? For new ideas, check out The Whole U's articles on eating well and staying active. #cleaneating #summeroffunction #uwyoga #uwsteponup
  • We're making videos for #uwyoga month! Here's a behind the scenes sneak peak with a few of the faculty & staff who volunteered 🎬
  • We know faculty & staff are amazingly talented! 
#Repost from @uwathletics:
Want to sing the national anthem at Washington sporting events? Send in video submissions!
  • To all those who hop on the bus to work (as I do), here's a #tbt to 1960's U-District busing. Anyone recognize that building on the left? Its right along the Ave... #throwbackthursday #commute #commuterlife @uofwalibraries

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