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Investigative Interview

When a report of alleged misconduct is submitted to Community Standards & Student Conduct (CSSC), a staff member in CSSC will serve as the Conduct Officer during the conduct process. A conduct proceeding will be initiated by the Conduct Officer and the fact-finding process will focus on gathering all of the pertinent information necessary to determine whether or not a violation of the Student Conduct Code occurred.

An investigative interview will be scheduled, which is an opportunity for a student to sit down with a Conduct Officer to discuss an alleged violation of the Student Conduct Code. This may be no more than one in-person or Zoom meeting between a student and an administrator. The purpose of the investigative interview is to provide the student an opportunity to respond to allegations of misconduct before any disciplinary action is taken.

During the investigative interview, the student is provided with an overview of the Student Conduct Process and their rights. The student has the opportunity to provide their account of what occurred, present relevant evidence, and provide names of witnesses for further consideration by the Conduct Officer during the fact-finding process.

Based on the investigative interview and facts of the case, the Conduct Officer may:

  1. Find the student not responsible and close the case.
  2. Find the student responsible for the alleged misconduct and impose a disciplinary sanction.
  3. Initiate a Full Hearing and notify the student of this decision. The student will then receive further information from the Hearing Officer about the full hearing process.

More information can be found inĀ Student Governance and Policies, Chapter 209 Section 12.