Office of Educational Assessment


ScorePak® provides a variety of reports to support all test scoring needs, from grading classroom tests to developing and scoring complex academic and personnel exams.

Report Title Description Further Information
Score Rosters
(12K PDF)
Lists names, ID numbers, sections and scores for all examinees. Can be ordered alphabetically or numerically by student name, number, or score. Understanding score rosters (includes samples)
Frequency Distributions
(20K PDF)
Shows the number of examinees who received each value of specified scores. Understanding frequency distributions
Item Analysis (30K PDF) Examines responses to individual test questions to 1) eliminate ambiguous or misleading items, and 2) improve items that will be used again in later tests. Understanding item analyses
Individual Student Reports
(30K PDF)
Shows test performance and item responses for individual students. One report per student. Understanding student reports
Correlations (9K PDF) Computes Pearson Product Moment Correlation coefficients among any number of scores. Understanding correlations
Key Reports (13K PDF) Reports all marked bubbles on all keys submitted. One report per key sheet. Understanding key reports
Score Statistics Reports
(12K PDF)
Displays all scores computed. Understanding Score Statistics