Office of Educational Assessment

ScorePak® FAQ

How do I get started?

A quick stop by the Office of Education Assessment in UW Tower T-12 can be the fastest way to get you started. We can provide you with whatever forms you will need as well as some coaching on how to fill out the forms or start a bookkeeping account. You can call us at (206) 543-9899 to set up an appointment.

Where can I find ScorePak® Standard Answer Sheets (purple)?

ScorePak® Standard Answer Sheets (purple) are available at many locations around campus. Your department can purchase them directly from the Office of Educational Assessment, or you may have your students purchase them. They are available from The University Book Stores, the Student Union Facilities candy counters (HUB, By George, and South Campus Center Newstand), and the Easy Shoppe (1406 NE 40th Street). Your students must use a number 2 pencil and fill in each bubble completely. Forms must be in good shape: a hole, tear, staple, fold, stain, missing corner, cut edge, or sheets that have been wet or copied may make a form unscannable.

Where do I get the key (or correct answer) sheets?

You must use one of our red scannable key sheets for your scoring key. Stop by or give us a call and we will mail you what you need for the quarter.

What do I need to include with the exams when submitting a test for processing?

In order for us to correctly process your exams, the following two items must be included with the Standard Answer Sheets filled out by the students:

  • a Service Request form
  • one red key sheet for each version of the test

What if I want to give more than one version of the same test?

You must use at least one key sheet for each version of your test and at least one key for each possible point value. Thus, if you have only one version of your test and give one point for any correct answer, you need to fill in one (and only one) red key sheet. If you have two versions, A and B, with some answers worth one point and other answers worth two points, you need to fill in four (and only four) red key sheets.

Can I have more than one answer be correct for a single question?

You may chose to accept more than one answer as correct for a specific item or assign different point values for different alternatives.  However, STUDENTS CAN ONLY MARK (BUBBLE IN) ONE CORRECT CHOICE. If a student bubbles in more than one answer, it is flagged in our scoring system as a “multi-mark” and counted as incorrect.

What about re-scoring an item or the whole exam?

The fastest way of re-scoring an item or two within an exam is to email us the correction. We do not need to re-scan the answer sheets. We’ll send you updated reports via email, or you can pick up hard copies of the reports in our office.

If the entire key has changed, we would prefer that you fill out a new key sheet to ensure accuracy.

Do I need to save the answer sheets?

Departments are responsible for records retention. Check with your department or refer to the UW General Records Retention Schedule at: We keep copies of the scanned data in our archives for at least one year. We will retrieve archived data for a fee based on the amount of time it takes.

What if I have some stray exams that I want to send later to be scored?

Please let us know if we need to wait for more student answer sheets after you drop off your exam.

Can I drop my key sheet(s) and exams in campus mail?

The Office of Educational Assessment receives a large amount of mail daily and more so during finals. Please clearly address your package to ScorePak® so that it can be quickly routed to our office. We cannot be held responsible for lost, misplaced, or delayed exams that are sent through campus mail. If you mail your exams, please include a ScorePak® Service Request Form and address the package to:

ScorePak® Test Scoring
Office of Educational Assessment
Box 359447