Office of Educational Assessment

Submitting ScorePak® Jobs

All ScorePak® scoring jobs must include a service request form, a scoring key, and a batch of answer sheets. There are multiple versions of request forms and answer sheets, depending on the requirements of the particular job.

Item Description Instructions
Service Request Form The EZ Service Request lists a subset of ScorePak® options sufficient for many classroom scoring jobs. Completing Service Requests
Answer Key Form (442K PDF) Standard scannable form obtained from OEA to define the correct answers and weights for your scoring job. Completing Key Sheets
Answer Sheets The Standard Answer Sheet (165K PDF) is designed specifically for UW classroom exams.  The price of the sheet includes basic processing costs.

Form 4521 (119K PDF) provides response options for 200 five-choice items.  Processing is not included in the cost of the form.

Form 6703 (163K PDF) provides response options for 120 ten-choice items. Processing is not included in the cost of the form

Completing Answer Sheets

Note: Non-scannable forms may be printed from the links above, but scannable forms must be purchased from OEA or (in the case of Standard Answer Forms) from other UW outlets.

Obtaining Forms

All forms are available from the Office of Educational Assessment. You may pick them up in person or contact us to send forms to you (provide UW budget or OEA project number). Your department can purchase Standard Answer Sheets from us, or you can ask your students to purchase them from the University Bookstores, the Student Union candy counters (HUB, By George, South Campus Center), and the Easy Shoppe (1406 NE 40th St).

Submitting Jobs

Jobs must be submitted in ready-to-scan condition.

  • All scannable forms must be filled out completely and must be marked with a No. 2 pencil. Responses marked in pen will not be picked up by the scanner; pen-marked forms may be gone over with pencil.
  • MARK DARKLY: Response bubbles are marked darkly enough when the small letter or number within the bubble can no longer be seen. However, do not mark so darkly that the mark becomes shiny.
  • Do not fold, staple, tape, tear, punch holes in or use white-out on scannable forms. Do not hold them together with paper clips or rubber bands, or allow them to get wet. (Yes, we’ve seen it all.) Please replace damaged forms, and send or bring your forms to us as a loose batch in a manila envelope or small box. The forms should be in order (request form, key, answer sheets) and all facing the same direction.

ScorePak® jobs can be submitted at the UW Tower T-12 between from 9 am – 1 pm and 2 pm – 4 pm, Monday through Friday. You can also mail assembled forms to us at:

UW clients Non-UW clients
Box 359447
ScorePak ®
Office of Educational Assessment
University of Washington Box 359447
Seattle, WA 98195-9447

Note: We cannot be responsible for lost, misplaced, or delayed exams that are sent by mail. If using US mail, please include either a return mailing label or a self-addressed return envelope.