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Adapted form available for Autumn 2020 to evaluate remote courses

In order to better support faculty in evaluating their remote courses, OEA research scientists developed a unique form for adoption/adaptation end-of-quarter evaluation cycle should faculty wish to utilize it. This new form is now available for faculty and IASystem coordinators to request.

We developed Form Y – Remote Course Evaluation by adapting some items from our Form I – Distance Learning Evaluation and developing several new items that speak directly to the current context of courses moving to remote learning. Specifically, we added some new formative items and a specific comment to provide you feedback for improving your courses should you need to teach remotely in the future. Additionally, we added two new engagement items, asking students to self-evaluate/report on their participation and success in the course relative to other face-to-face college courses they have taken. The brand new items on new Form Y are:

Scaled items [(5) Excellent (4) Very Good (3) Good (2) Fair (1) Poor (0) Very Poor]

  • Effectiveness of this remote course in facilitating your learning was:
  • Organization of materials online was:

Scaled items [(7) Much higher (6) (5) (4) Average (3) (2) (1) Much lower]

  • Relative to other face-to-face college courses you have taken, your participation in this remote course was:
  • Relative to other face-to-face college courses you have taken, your success in this remote course was:

New open-ended prompt

  • If this course were offered remotely again, what suggestions do you have to improve the student experience?

IASystem™ items and forms are copyrighted with all rights reserved by the University of Washington.

These new items accompany items taken from Form I – Distance Learning; IASystem’s standard summative global items; Challenge Engagement Index (CEI) items; and items related to students’ expected grades, amount of effort, and reason for engaging in the class. In addition to these default items, faculty may include their own additional questions. You and your instructors can preview this form in IASystem to see the entire list of items. We think this new form adds nuance for instructors to better understand their students’ experience with their course.

While we encourage instructors to use this new form for their end-of-quarter Spring 2020 evaluations, all of IASystem’s standard system forms are also available to utilize this quarter. Faculty are welcome to use similar forms to what they have used in the past for their courses. They are also welcome to use any of the new items listed above and add them to one of our existing forms. With Form Y – Remote Course Evaluation, we are simply offering an alternative for instructors that we think best addresses the current situation we find ourselves in this quarter.

Instructions for Requesting Autumn 2020 Form Y – Remote Course Evaluation through IASystem



IASystem Coordinators

IASystem Coordinators

University of Washington

The Instructional Assessment System (IASystem™) has been developed over several decades of use at the University of Washington and other institutions.  We continue to expand the capabilities of our system to assist faculty in instructional development, inform administrative decision-making, and help students select courses.

Online course evaluations were introduced in autumn 2013 using the new IASystem™ web-based application.  Courses may now be evaluated either online or on paper according to the needs of faculty and departments. Online evaluations are provided free of charge; forms and processing for paper-based evaluations are billed to departments at UW Seattle, and to the campus for UW Bothell and Tacoma. User guides can be found at

Note that student response rates are often lower for online evaluations than for those conducted on paper, and this may have an impact on average ratings. Suggestions for improving online response rates are provided by Top 20 strategies to increase the online response rates.

Faculty Course Evaluation Requests

  • Contact your departmental evaluation coordinator to setup an online evaluation for your course. If you are unsure who your coordinator is, contact
  • If you are at UW Seattle and your department does not have an evaluation coordinator or allow you to submit your own evaluations, you may directly request either online or paper-based evaluations for an individual class using our IASystem™ Faculty Portal.  Instructions to submit your request can be found here.

IASystem™ Access

Other Institutions

IASystem™ course evaluation services are provided to other institutions on a licensing basis.  For more information, visit IASystem™.