Office of Educational Assessment


Optical mark forms provide a quick and inexpensive method to collect data, and can be used in a wide variety of applications. They are appropriate for tests containing multiple-choice or true-false questions, surveys that provide respondents with sets of fixed alternatives, or record keeping forms. Applications include:

  • Classroom exams
  • Standardized tests
  • Surveys and questionnaires
  • Grade reports

Form Types

Standard forms provide the most cost- and time-effective means to capture information if your test or questionnaire conforms to specified formats. These forms can be purchased directly from printing companies or through OEA and, when completed, are scanned within 24 hours of receipt. Forms supported by OEA are:

Form4521 (119K PDF) 200-item, 5 response choices (A-E/1-5)
Form6703 (163K PDF) 120-item, 10 response choices (A-J/1-10)
Form30423 (488K PDF) 240-item, 5 response choices (A-E/T-F)
Form70921 (508K PDF) 40-item, five-choice, copy-in item text

Custom forms are sent out to specialty printers. This method is cost effective only for large administrations but provides the greatest formatting flexibility. This option is appropriate for any size test or questionnaire, from single sheets to multi-page booklets. Development time is approximately 1 ½ months.