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Accessibility Checker in Canvas

The Rich Content Editor in Canvas includes an Accessibility Checker, which can check the current page for issues such as:

  • Appropriate alt text on images
  • Appropriate use of headings
  • Color contrasts
  • Table headers and captions

The Accessibility Checker is launched by clicking an Accessibility Checker icon, located at the bottom of the Rich Content Editor.
Screenshot of Canvas Rich Content Editor, with Accessibility Checker icon circled
For additional information, see the Canvas Community page How do I use the Accessibility Checker in the Rich Content Editor as an instructor?

Checking accessibility using Ally in Canvas

The Accessibility Checker described above checks for a small number of common accessibility issues within the current Canvas page.  A more comprehensive accessibility check is available for your entire Canvas course, including uploaded documents, with a tool from Blackboard called Ally, which is enabled by default in all UW Canvas courses. For additional information about using Ally, see our Ally in Canvas page.