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Online courses

Technology is increasingly used in delivering academic courses and resources. Some courses are offered completely online; others combine on-site and online components into a hybrid format.

It is important to ensure that all qualified students can fully participate in an online course. There are accessibility considerations to keep in mind related both to pedagogy and technology (including websites, documents, videos, and software).

Technological considerations

Digital resources often need to be remediated for accessibility as an accommodation to one or more students with disabilities. This presents tremendous challenges for faculty and staff and creates a burden for students as they fall behind while waiting for accessible resources. Therefore, it is always best to proactively ensure all digital resources are accessible from the onset.  This enables all students with and without disabilities to participate fully in the course, and the accessibility solutions often benefit all students. For details about ensuring accessibility of specific technologies, consult the following sections of  this website:

Pedagogical considerations

Making courses accessible involves more than technical issues; there are pedagogical considerations as well. For details, consult the following resources: