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IT Accessibility Liaisons

IT Accessibility Liaisons are people who represent their work unit, large or small, in a tri-campus movement to promote the procurement, development, and use of IT that is accessible to everyone, but particularly to students, faculty, and staff with disabilities. IT Accessibility Liaisons:

  • communicate online via a private email list and also meet as a group one morning, three times per year.
  • continue to learn about how IT used on campus can be made more accessible.
  • collect information from and spread the word within their units about the UW’s IT Accessibility Policy and otherwise promote the IT Accessibility Initiative.

The IT Accessibility Initiative is under the leadership of Accessible Technology Services of UW-IT and guided by the tri-campus IT Accessibility Task Force.

How can you become an IT Accessibility Liaison?

To register as an IT Accessibility Liaison simply complete the IT Accessibility Liaisons Registration Form.

IT Accessibility Liaison resources

Meeting agendas, PowerPoints, and other resources are on the IT Accessibility Liaison Resources page. A list of all current UW-IT Liaisons is also located there.

Current IT Accessibility Liaisons

Thank you to all Liaisons for the role you play in making the UW a more welcoming inclusive institution!

  • Abby Rhinehart
    Research Scientist
    College of Education
  • Adiam Tesfay
    DRS Seattle
  • Aimee Kelly
    Assistant Director of Academic Services
    Integrated Social Sciences
  • Alice LeFlore
    Program Coordinator
    Disability Resources for Students
  • Alisen Peterson
    Instructional Designer
    Office of Sponsored Programs
  • Amanda Toop
    IT Service Desk Manager
    Housing and Food Services
  • Ana Thompson, CPACC
    Academic & Access Technologist
    UWB-IT Academic & Collaborative Technologies
    UW Bothell
  • Anatoliy Klots
    Instructional Designer
  • Andrea Mano
    Senior Computer Specialist
  • Andrew Gorohoff
    Manager of Software Engineering
    Graduate School
  • Andrew Shinn
    Digital Marketing Automation Specialist
    University Marketing & Communications
  • Andy Andrews
  • Anna Marie Golden
    IT Accessibility Specialist
    Accessible Technology Services
  • Anne Danahy
    Technology Project Manager
  • Anya LevySmith
    Web Specialist
    UW School of Dentistry
  • Ashley Bond
    Instructional Technologist
    Nursing – Learning and information technologies
  • Ashley Magdall Uchytil
    UW Bothell – Communications and Marketing
  • Becky Sladek
    Associate Director of Communications
    Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, School of Medicine
  • Beth Somerfield
    Deputy ADA Coordinator for Digital Accessibility
  • Bob Hurt
    Sr Applications System Engineer
  • Brad Coston
    Asst Director of Learning & Information Technology
    School of Nursing
  • Bree Callahan
    ADA Coordinator
    Compliance Services
  • Brian Vogt
    Web Computing Specialist
    College of Built Environments
  • Caitlin Moats
    IT Project Manager
    UW Tacoma
  • Carole Ockerman
    Temp Adaptive Technology Coordinator
    Disability Resources for Students
  • Ceradwen Tokheim
    Instructional Designer
    School of Medicine, Academic and Learning Technology
  • Chelsea Elkins
    Access & Advocacy Coordinator
    School of Public Health, Office of the Dean
  • Christine Noyes
    Business Analyst
    Graduate School
  • Christine Tawatao
    Web & User Experience Librarian
  • Colm Flynn
    Instructional Media Systems Specialist
    UW Continuum College, Academic Excellence
  • Dan Druliner
    Web Manager
    Office of EVPF&A
  • Dana Nakashima
    Program Coordinator
    UW School of Medicine Service Learning
  • Daniel McConnell
    Academic Adviser
    Integrated Social Sciences
  • Darya Anoshei
    Program Support Supervisor
  • David Rey
    Communications Manager
    Housing and Food Services
  • Den McHenry
    Front End Web Developer
    School of Law
  • Denise Pan
    Associate Dean for Collections & Content
  • Diana Sartorius
    Manager of Department Computing
    Environmental Health & Safety
  • Drew Collins
    Web Design Specialist
    College of the Environment
  • Elise Glassman
    Project Manager
    Strategy Management
  • Emily Smith
    EXPD-Office of Merit Scholarships, Fellowships & Awards
  • Erica Barton
    HR Manager for Organizational Learning and Development
  • Gabi Kito
    Program Coordinator
    Department of Biology
  • Gaby de Jongh
    IT Accessibility Specialist
    Accessible Technology Services
  • Hadi Rangin
    IT Accessibility Specialist
    UW IT
  • Hana Levay
    Collection Assessment Librarian
    University Libraries
  • Ian Campbell
    DSO Manager
    Human resources
  • Janie Ng
    Test Administrator
    Undergraduate Academic Affairs
  • Jason Smith
    Technology Consultant Lead
    UW-IT Learning Technologies
  • Jeane Marty
    Accessible Web Developer
    Accessible Technology Services
  • Jeanna Vogt
    Senior Web Developer
    Facilities Services
  • Jenni Taggart
    Teaching Professor
    Department of Mathematics
  • Jennifer Fricke
    Instructional Designer
    School of Social Work Alliance for Child Welfare Excellence
  • Jennifer Stock
    Web Computing Specialist
    Undergraduate Academic Affairs
  • Jill Thompson
    Business Analyst
    Office of Research Information Services
  • Ji-Eun Kim
    Assistant Professor
    Industrial Engineering
  • Jinny Sanders
    Library Supervisor/Interim Head of Access and Building Services
    UW Libraries – Odegaard Undergraduate Library
  • Joanne Woiak
    Disability Studies Program
    Arts & Sciences
  • Jodi McKeeman
    Business Analyst/Project Manager
    Student Program
  • Jody Tate
    Lead Front-End Engineer and Architect
    Office of Research Information Services
  • Jon Hauser
    IT Director
    School of Social Work
  • Jon Keib
    Director, Instructional Services
    Foster School of Business
  • Jon Kershner
    Instructional Designer
    Office of Research Information Services
  • Karen Crow
    Outreach & Health Education Analyst
    Environmental Health & Safety
  • Kayj Morrill-McClure
    Computer Systems Administrator
    Washington Sea Grant, College of the Environment
  • Kat Eli
    Academic Services Director
    Law, Societies & Justice and the Disability Studies Program
  • Kate Johnson
    Employment Specialist
    Total Talent Management – HR
  • Krissy Jones
    Director, Instructional Design
    Continuum College
  • Krzysztof Burdzy
    Mathematics Dept
  • Lacey Arnold
    Marketing & Communications Manager
    CSS Graduate Office
  • Lalitha Subramanian
    Assistant Director
    Academic Programs
  • Lani Phillips
    Administrator/Graduate Program Adviser
    Slavic Languages & Literatures
  • Laura Baldwin
    Service Manager
  • Laura Cecil
    Front-End Engineer
    Office of Research Information Services (ORIS)
  • Lauren Caple
    Front End Developer
    University Marketing and Communications
  • Lauren Graham
    Assistant Teaching Professor
    Psychology department
  • Lauren Manes
    User Experience Designer
  • Lauren Ray
    Open Education and Psychology Librarian
    UW Libraries
  • Laurie Stephan
    Training Coordinator
    Office of Research
  • Leah Cuplin
    Circulation Supervisor
    Central Circulation Services
  • Linda Clemon-Karp
    Training and Technical Assistance Specialist
    Northwest ADA Center, UW Center for Continuing Education in Rehabilitation
  • Lisa Hayes
    Program Coordinator
    Museology Graduate Program
  • Lyla Crawford
    Program Coordinator/Internal Evaluator
  • Lynn Magill
    Senior Contracts Specialist
    Procurement Services
  • Madelena Romansic
    Program Analyst & Communications Specialist
    National Network of Libraries of Medicine,
    Pacific Northwest Region
    UW Health Sciences Library
  • Maggie Faber
    Data Visualization & Analysis Librarian
    UW Libraries Office of Assessment & Planning
  • Maria Medina
    Instructional Designer
  • Marisa Petrich
    Instructional Design Librarian
    UW Tacoma Library
  • Mark Harniss
    Associate Professor
    Director Center for Technology and Disability Studies
    Rehab Med
  • Mary Mulvihill
    Director of Digital Accessibility
    UW-IT Accessible Technology Services
  • Mary-Colleen Jenkins
    Instruction Accessibility Specialist
    UW-IT Accessible Technology Services
  • Matt Lambert
    Software Engineer
    Office of Research Information Services
  • Matthew Huston
    Director of Course Development and Delivery Support
    Foster School of Business
  • Matthew Zabel
    Editorial Production Associate
    Cultivate Learning
  • Michael Campion
    Director of Academic & Learning Technologies
    School of Medicine
  • Michael Hilleary
    Public Information Specialist
    Department of Surgery
  • Michael Middlebrooks
    Director, IT Infrastructure and Operations
    Dean’s Office, School of Medicine
  • Michael Moore
    Grants & Special Projects Librarian
    UW Libraries – Health Sciences Library
  • Michael Secright
    Chief Information Officer
  • Michaela Marino
    Digital Marketing Manager
    Meany Center for the Performing Arts
  • Michelle Darci
    Program Coordinator
    UW Bothell, School of Nursing & Health Studies
  • Michelle Toy
    Continuing Education Specialist
    Center for Continuing Education, NW ADA Center
  • Mihaela Giurca
    Instructional Consultant
    Center for Teaching and Learning
  • Mick Westrick
    Director of IT
    Foster School of Business
  • Monica Cohn
  • Morag Stewart
    Acquisitions Librarian/Classics Librarian
  • Morgan Bell
    Instructor Development Specialist
    UW Continuum College
  • Morgen Nilsson
    Web Developer
    University Marketing & Communications
  • Nancy Weiner
    Learning Technologies Specialist
    UW Continuum College
  • Nasrin Nazemi
    Senior Learning Designer
    UW Seattle
  • Nate Harris
    IT Manager
    UW Recreation – Seattle
  • Nick Rohde
    Web and Content Developer
    UW-IT Communications
  • Noel Bain
    Fiscal Specialist / Accountant
    IT Business & Finance
  • Perry Yee
    Online Learning Support Manager
  • Pete Graff
    Senior Developer and UX Designer
    Office of the Chief Information Security Officer
  • Peter White
    Senior Applications System Engineer
  • Raymond Hsu
    Director, Strategic Sourcing and Contracting
    Procurement Services
  • Robyn Davis
    Assistant Director, Fellowships & Awards
    Graduate School
  • Robyn Foshee
    Service Manager
    UW-IT, Academic Experience Design & Delivery (AXDD)
  • Rosa J. Liu
    Assistant Director, Veterans Services & Disability Resources for Students
    UW Bothell, Division of Student Affairs
  • Ryan Asbert
    Web Developer
    Academic & Student Affairs Information Services (ASA-IS)
  • Ryan Petersen
    Web Information Specialist
    College of Arts and Sciences
  • Sandra Lee
    Software Engineer
    Graduate School – CAIR
  • Sara Torres
    Web Information Specialist
    Enrollment Information Services
  • Sarah Hafner
    Administrative Manager
    UWSOM Admissions
  • Sean McNeil
    Director of Learning Spaces
    Foster IT
  • Shannon Garcia
    Program Manager, Access Text and Technology (ATT)
    Disability Resources for Students
  • Stacey Berglind
    UX Designer
  • Stacey Fontes
    Program Director
    UW Continuum
  • Stephanie Le
    Academic Advisor
    School of Business
  • Sue Morgan
    Learning Technologies Coordinator
    Information School
  • Susie Hawkey
    Operations Manager
    Accessible Technology Services
  • Teresa Bresee
    Administrative Specialist
    School of Environmental and Forest Sciences
  • Teri Shelton
    Front End Developer
  • Terrill Thompson
    Manager, IT Accessibility Team
    Accessible Technology Services, UW-IT
  • Thayer York
    Director of Technology Services
    School of Law
  • Thom Thorpe
    Director, Web Strategy
    University Marketing & Communications
  • Thomas Mercer
    Director of Application Development & CRM
    Foster School of Business
  • Tiffany Sevareid
    Front End Developer
  • Tim Bradford
    Academic Counselor
  • Tim Knight 
    Web Developer
    School of Public Health – Dean’s Office
  • Torey Gilbertson
    Rehabilitation Medicine
  • Tricia Olsen-Demarest
    Contracts Manager
    Procurement Services
  • Virginia Thomas
    Solutions Analyst
    Office of Research Information Services
  • Virginia I Williams
    Instructional Designer
    UW Foster School of Business, Hybrid MBA
  • William Washington
    User Experience Designer
    Academic Experience Design and Delivery