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Canvas is the official learning management system of the UW. Canvas simplifies course management tasks: publishing course materials, grading, communicating with students, and more. For general information about Canvas, see the Canvas Learning Management System page on IT Connect.

UW-IT Accessible Technology Services has worked collaboratively with Instructure, the maker of Canvas, for many years to ensure Canvas is accessible to students and instructors with disabilities. Information from Canvas about their accessibility is available on the Canvas Product Accessibility website, and in their blog post Accessibility within Canvas.

To join the conversation on accessibility in Canvas, see the Accessibility Group Hub on the Canvas Community website.

Accessibility of course content

Even if Canvas does their part and provides an accessible overall framework, accessibility of a course within Canvas depends on instructors to create accessible content and upload accessible resources. Information on accessibility of documents, videos, websites, and online meetings; plus additional information on accessibility of online courses is available throughout this website.

Techniques in Canvas

The following web pages on the current website provide techniques for ensuring accessibility of particular features in Canvas pages:

Additional resources