The first step in attracting applicants with disabilities is as simple as adding a statement outlining your interest in receiving applications from a diverse group of people, including those with disabilities, to your company's existing recruitment materials. Next, disseminate announcements in settings where people with disabilities might be reached.

On college campuses, several offices might be able to assist you with your recruitment efforts. Contact your local colleges, universities, and technical schools to inquire about these possibilities. Career services offices and cooperative education programs are used to assist employers with locating talented student interns. A business can work with these offices to expand recruitment efforts to college students with disabilities. Academic departments are often aware of specific students who might be good matches for your positions and business environment. Establishing contacts with college faculty and staff can assist you with locating skilled employees. Campus disabled student services offices (under many different specific names) provide academic accommodations to students and staff. Many offices have newsletters and email discussion groups that reach the students with whom they work. Ask if you can advertise job and internship openings through these established methods of communication.

Your state division of vocational rehabilitation, department of services for the blind, employment security, and governor's committee on employment of people with disabilities can also provide you with referrals for qualified candidates. Local communities often have a number of other agencies that serve people with disabilities as they pursue employment opportunities. 

For more information about employing people with disabilities, consult Finding Gold: Hiring the Best and the Brightest and the video Recruiting and Retaining Employees with Disabilities.