My name is Lisa. I am a full-time graduate student majoring in women's studies. I have a seizure disorder.

Access Issue

I began experiencing an increase in the frequency of my seizures as a result of the glare from the computer screens used in the computer lab. Therefore, I could not use the campus computers for assignments or research.


I met with the manager of the computer lab and told him of my need for an antiglare screen insert on the computer I use. Two computer antiglare inserts were purchased and placed on computers in the lab that I use for my studies. The disabled student services office also purchased an additional insert that could be loaned to other campus facilities that I might need to use.


This case study illustrates the following:

  1. Low-tech devices can solve some computer access problems.
  2. Sometimes the student with a disability can work directly with computer support staff to obtain accessible products; sometimes disabled student services staff need to get involved.