Research internships present opportunities for undergraduates to gain an exposure to research and consider whether they are interested in research careers and graduate school. There are several programs that allow computing undergraduates with disabilities to become involved in research.

  • The REU for Increasing Diversity ( at Duke University offers research internships in engineering fields, including computer engineering, with an emphasis on including groups that are underrepresented, including students with disabilities.
  • Distributed Research Experiences for Undergraduates ( matches women and students from underrepresented groups, including students with disabilities, with a computer science or engineering faculty mentor for summer research experiences at the mentor’s home institution.
  • There are many National Science Foundation sponsored sites for research experiences for undergraduates. Search for a site at
  • Subject to funding availability, AccessComputing funds research internships for students with disabilities. To learn more, contact Brianna Blaser, at 206-685-3648 (V/TTY) or