Finding and going to conferences as a student can be a great way to build a network, learn important professional development skills, be exposed to new fields and job opportunities, or present about your own research.

What conferences should you think about going to? Conferences AccessComputing students have attended include

Students who attend conferences benefit in multiple ways.

“Tapia was great for networking. I made contact with graduate schools and big companies like Google, Microsoft, and Amazon. I was happy to be able to network with them and ask questions about the interview process.” – Shareef

“I learned how and when to ask for accommodations, and what accommodations work better in different situations.” – Kiara

“Most of my time in the conference was spent networking. I was able to network with students from various institutions and learn from their stories and experiences in the computing field. I went to the career fair and networked with multiple recruiters. I learned about companies and the innovative research they were conducting to help humanity.” – Dhairya

“Attending the career fair at the conference was really beneficial to me from a professional development standpoint. Seeing that several employers were genuinely impressed with my resume gave me a confidence boost and made a career in industry seem like a real possibility.” – Anna

AccessComputing has limited funds to support student with disabilities who are interested in attending conferences.